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About our soaps

We know our soap is pretty amazing! If you've tried it I know you will agree.

So what makes our soap so amazing, and why is it different than other soaps?

Well, one thing that sets us apart is that we use a blend of quality organic oils throughout the entire bar.

Our main ingredient in ALL of our soaps is non-gmo high oleic sunflower oil (naturally organic and sourced, crushed and refined in Colorado).

We also add in organic shea butter and castor oils, which are excellent moisturizers that give it a luscious creaminess, and organic palm and coconut oils for a hard, long-lasting bar with fluffy lather. Our Organic Palm oil is sustainably harvested to protect the orangutan's habitat.

We constantly check out other handcrafted soaps, examining ingredients, size, price, and scent. Hands down our products win over and over!

Many companies charge $6-12 per bar, using lower quality ingredients or fillers and small sized bars. At Salus, we've chosen to spend more for quality organic oils, a healthy 4.5oz bar (our bars actually range between 4.5-5.0 ounces by weight), and a wide range of heavenly scents all for a price point of $6 for our signature soaps.

You'll also find a fun collection of speciality soaps ($7) with added special ingredients, like beer, wine, whiskey, tequila and mixins to complement the concoction.

We even make two different facial soaps ($8) designed especially to be mild and moisturizing for the delicate facial area and cleanse with special ingredients like activated charcoal, dead sea mud, blue green algae and organic jojoba oil.

So, next time you pick up a bar of soap, check out the ingredients.

What's their main ingredient?

What else do they put inside?

If you haven't yet, give our soaps a try.

You'll love how they moisturize and clean your skin!