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Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest difference between a cream and lotion is the oil content. Creams have a larger percentage of oil and are more beneficial for very dry skin. Creams have a thicker consistency and texture than lotions, and are generally better in the winter months when there is less moisture in the air. Our lotions are thicker than commercially made brands. They are lighter than our creams and are generally better in the summer months when there is higher moisture content in the air.

All our creams and lotions are made with ultra moisturizing natural fruit and nut butters. Which ever product you decide, you can't go wrong! As a general rule of thumb, the name of the product reflects the main oil ingredient. For example, Shea Butter (cream) contains mostly Shea Butter, but it also contains moisturizing oils of Sunflower, Olive and Vitamin E. Goat's Milk Lotion contains a high percentage of pure Goat's Milk, as well as Aloe, Grapeseed and Shea Oil.

All of our products are paraben-free. We feel it is highly important to eliminate parabens from all our products, due to the possible link to breast cancer. Most other brands, especially store-bought and mall beauty counters, still contain parabens, just look on their labels! We are very proud to offer a wide variety of paraben-free products.
We are proud to announe earlier this year we made our Shampoo/body wash, Silky Shea Liquid Soap, and Silky Shea Bubble Bath Sulfate-FREE! Scrubbles, our Bubble Bars and the "frosting" on our cupcakes do contain sulfates to make them lather. Sulfates are a bubbling agent that a small percentage of the population may be sensitive too. If you have a sensitivity to sulfates we carry a wide selection of products that do not contain that ingredient!!

Phthalates are chemicals that are designed to make plastics soft and pliable, and are used in many personal care products to hold fragrance and color. Phthalates are known to cause serious problems and malformations in laboratory animals. Though there is no definitive evidence that proves phthalates to cause birth defects or harmful reactions in human babies, researchers suggest that humans, especially babies and small children, stay away from using products containing this chemical. For consumers it is hard to know whether the products they use contain phthalates because it is not shown on an ingredient label. All you can really do is find out from the manufacturer if the products they make have phthalates in them. SALUS base products do not contain phthalates.

This is a totally normal reaction and it does not affect your product in any way. We DO NOT use harmful chemicals, such as phthalates, in our products to preserve or hold color, nor do we use chemicals to keep your product from changing colors over time. We do not bleach our products. Due to our natural ingredients, when certain essential oils or fragrances are blended into our products the natural color may change. If this occurs, it is a natural reaction and does not affect the quality of our products in any way. For example adding Tea Tree Oil to your cream will probably change it from white to a pink hue over a few weeks. Then if it is then exposed to sunlight (UV) it will naturally turn back to a white color.Not all essential oils and fragrances cause this natural reaction.Reactions will occur in some products while the same oils do not cause a reaction in other products.

Yes, our palm oil manufacturer works with farmers to replace slash and burn practices with sustained yield agroforesty methods. SALUS palm oils are produced in a sustainable organic system that is restoring forests to previously cut areas near the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil. Our organic palm products are certified and through an audit, ensures that the producer practices fair relations in trading socially and environmentally certified products. The audit also verifies that the producer invests in programs of human and social development for employees, farmers and neighborhood communities, as well as in programs of environmental conservation. SALUS oils are pressed from the palm fruit clusters and processed using only steam and pressure; no chemical solvents are used in any stage of production. Palm fruit oil has naturally high levels of antioxidants (tocopherols and tocotrienols) which resist oxidation and rancidity, giving extended shelf life to products produced with palmfruit oils.

We realize when ordering online it is difficult to predict how strong you desire your product to be scented. Please make a note in the text box for each product to let us know your scent preference: light, regular, strong, or any specific notes for blending scents. If you desire extra scent vials so that you can make them even stronger at home you will have that option to add on for a nominal $0.25 per vial.
Please note that bath gels and shampoos will loose their gel-like consistency if you add too much fragrance. This will not affect the cleansing ability; however, it will make the product more watery than gel. Your gel products will be scented to what we consider is the appropriate amount of fragrance without compromising the consistency. Be aware that by adding more fragrance, this may cause the product to loose its consistency because we do not use unnecessary thickening agents.
Do not apply fragrance oils directly to the skin. If you would like to use these as a perfume, please dilute with at least 1 part fragrance to 1 part carrier oil, such as jojoba or olive. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs, and apply vegetable oil to affected areas. Keep out of eyes and out of reach of children.

Gift Certificates purchased ONLINE are only compatible in our ONLINE system. It is not compatible with our in-store gift card system. To purchase a gift card to be used inside our store please call for assistance 970-232-9893 and we will be happy to help! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS: When you add the gift card to your cart you will be asked on the following page which delivery method you would like to use.
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