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Gift Guide

The Salus Gift Guide: Your guide to natural body care gifts for everyone on your list!

Need some gift giving ideas for the loved ones in your life? Whether it is stocking stuffers or whole gifts we have the solution for you! Our family, young and old enjoys natural body care from tip to toe. Well give you our tried and true gift suggestions for everyone on your list, plus holiday party gift ideas. It may spark your own creativity or ideas for those on your list too!

Mom/Sister/Aunt (adult woman): Ok, pretty much anything at SALUS! Some of our faves: Massage Candles, Organic Soaps, Bath Bombs, Shower Bombs, Silky Shea Lotion, Lip Conditioner, Sea Wool Sponge, Muscle Relief Gel, Fragrance Mist.

Expecting Woman: Cocoa Butter Cream, Shea Butter Cream, Aromatherapy Herbal Pillow, Bath Bombs, Shower Bombs, Sea Salts, Massage Candles, Organic Soaps, Lip Conditioner, Fragrance Mist

Dad/Brother/Uncle (adult man): Man Soap! Basically, our soaps in "manly" or unisex scents like Frankincense & Myrrh, Applejack Orange Peel, Mountain Mint, Spice Peak, Dirt, Leather, Tobacco Leaf and more! More ideas? Shea Butter Cream, Massage Oil (hint, hint), Lip Conditioner, Muscle Relief Gel

Grandma: Goats Milk Lotion, Muscle Relief Gel, Organic Soap, Perfume Oil.

Grandpa: Man soaps (see Dad/Brother/Uncle), Hemp Lotion, Muscle Relief Gel

Baby: Shea Butter Cream, Goats Milk Lotion, Organic Castille Unscented Soap, Signature Massage Oil (Tried and true products for the babes, tested by yours truly. We go for unscented on our little ones, but you could go with a mild, calming scent like Lavender or Tangerine).

Child: Bath Bombs, Liquid Soap in Bubble Gum/Watermelon/or Chocolate chip cookie, Lip Conditioner in bubble gum.

Tween: Bath Bombs, Lotion and Liquid Soap in matching scent: pomegranate for girl, dirt for boy.

Teen: Gift Card for her you know whatever you pick will be wrong so get her a gift card and let her come in and decide! For him, man soap (See Dad/Brother/Uncle). For either, lip conditioner cant go wrong!

Best Friend: Reed Diffuser, Aromatherapy Herbal Pillow, Bath Bomb Gift Tower, Gift Card, Soap Making Class.

Friends: Salt Tubes or Bath Bombs: inexpensive, yet thoughtful.

Party Gift: Bath Bomb Gift Tower. 10 Bath Bombs in a Clear Box with Crinkle Paper and Raffia Ribbon perfect!

The Person Who Has EVERYTHING: A Vase Sponge filled with your choice of bath and body care products. These vase sponges are AMAZING! Most likely the person on your list who has everything, probably does not have one of these beauties! Fill it with bath bombs, soap, or sea salts for a real unique gift!

Stocking Stuffers and Little Gifts: Lip conditioner, Salt Tubes, Bath Bombs, Travel Sized Lotions/Bubble Baths/Shampoo/Conditioner, Organic Soaps, Muscle Relief Gel, Perfume Oil, Soap Sack.

Popular Scents: For Her: Lavender Vanilla, Egyptian Musk, Rice Flower & Shea, Rose Petal, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Hawaiian Dream, Lemon Verbena, Almond Blossom. For Him: Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Dirt, Frankincense and Myrrh, Tobacco Leaf, Leather. Of course we have many more natural body care products to choose from and many, many more fragrances and essential oils.

We invite you to come in, explore and have fun! If you are shopping online and have questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us, we are glad to help!

Elissa & Jerell Klaver