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The Key to Luscious Locks?

The Key to Luscious Locks?

       Is it just me or is there about approximately one trillion different types of shampoo and conditioner on the market? There are so many types for so many different things. You have a shampoo for scalp health, one that’s safe for hair color, one for damage and moisture, one for hair growth, the list goes on and on and on. Why not use one that covers all your needs that is also a healthy, natural alternative. Does it sound too good to be true? Guess again! The Salus Shampoo Bar is your gift from the heavens, and that’s not even being dramatic. That’s just being real!

       The first ingredient in our Shampoo Bar is high oleic sunflower oil that is all natural, kosher, non-GMO, and is Colorado grown, crushed, and refined. Next is our certified organic, sustainably sourced Coconut Oil. If that already isn’t amazing enough, it comes packed with other oils, yucca root, ground oatmeal, and tea tree essential oil. First of all, there are only TEN ingredients in this shampoo, and you can pronounce them all without having a chemistry degree. That’s a major win! Second of all, the ingredients in this bar all work together in perfect harmony to promote a healthy scalp, hair growth, shiny hair, and long lasting hair color.

       In experience of those that have used this product, it is a very different type of shampoo to acclimate to. We recommend that you give it some time to allow your body to adjust to what a unique product it is, and have a little patience to push past a stage of initial excess oil some may experience at first. A lot of times any excess oil can also be fixed with a quick white vinegar rinse (which also has shown to have many benefits on its own)! This bar is a great tool if you are working to slowly wash your hair less for the benefits that provides, and many find they don’t need to follow it with conditioner as their hair is conditioned enough from all the oils incorporated in the product.

       The employees here at Salus are some of the best resources for us to find out what is great and what could use improvement within our product line. Our chief soap maker Rachel Delker shared her experience with our Shampoo Bar and why she swears by it. “I have super thick and wavy hair,” she says, “and it grows on an average if not below average rate.” With using this product for several months, Rachel has found it has tamed her texture be less frizzy, has stopped any further split ends from occurring, and has seemingly helped her hair grow faster. Now while we can’t promise our Shampoo Bar will instantly give you Rapunzel locks, one of the keys to quicker hair growth is definitely having healthy hair. Breakage and split ends are the bane of hair length, so if you are using a product that is beneficial to the hair along with things like minimal heat and minimal chemical processing, gaining inches on your hair seems only natural.

       Another thing Rachel pointed out about our shampoo bar is how wonderfully it works as an alternative makeup brush cleanser. Using it to clean foundation and eyeshadow off the brushes was like a magic trick, and it left the makeup brushes feeling so soft afterwards. Finding all natural makeup brush cleansers can get pricey, but for eight dollars, you have one that you can feel confident in using that will last you a decent amount of time.

       Interested in trying one out for yourself? Pick a Shampoo Bar up at any of our Colorado locations or simply shop it right here on our website!

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