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Why Showers and Beers Go Together like PB&J

Why Showers and Beers Go Together like PB&J

You know that saying "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?" Well, a beer in the shower is worth two at the brewery. There is quite possibly nothing better than cracking open a cold beer to enjoy while in a steaming hot shower. There’s no exact science as to why it is intrinsically better, maybe the PH balance changes mid sip or being in the steam makes your taste buds come alive to be able to enjoy your frosty beverage in an entirely new light. Probably not, but either way it’s safe to say we may be obsessed with this new tradition and 5 points to prove a shower beer is better than just a normal beer or a normal shower.

  1. Beer tastes better naked. Dude you know its true, there’s probably nothing that enhances the beer experience quite like your birthday suit. You are one with nature, and one with the hops, the wheat, the barley. So unless we’re unaware of some new laws, the only place to slurp a brewski as mother nature intended is (you guessed it) the shower!
  2. The hot to cold ratio is juuuuuuusssssst right. Think about it, one of the best parts of summer is a cold drink on a hot day. Why is that? Because experiencing heat makes cold things feel colder. That I’m sure there MUST be some science on, any scientists want to back us up on this? Creating a steamy, warm oasis gives that ice cold IPA the PERFECT juxtaposition.
  3. Are you a king, or were you just able to afford a 6-pack? Pretty much the same thing in this occasion. If we were royalty, there is no way that we wouldn’t take every shower with a beer and every bath with wine. Now you at home get to feel like a VIP in the comfort of your own bathroom. Optional enhancements include a freshly out the dryer fluffy towel, slippers, a robe, maybe even a crown and scepter depending on how extra you are.
  4. Is there anything that will make you feel more AMERICAN? Getting off your job, or starting off a weekend, sore from a long day’s work, washing off your problems accompanied by your trusty can of the good stuff. Enjoying a beer in a shower is by far one of the most RED, WHITE and BLUE things you can possibly do.
  5. For your weekday morning showers, thanks to Salus the beer is optional. Monday morning at 7am might not be the best time to sip a brew before your cup of joe, but we at Salus are passionate enough about shower beers we bring you- SALUS BEER SOAP. Actual beer is infused into a bar of handcrafted, moisturizing, dare we say INCREDIBLE bar soap. Lather up with it and take the weekend shower beer feels right into your work week.

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  • Elijah Cordova
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