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  • Elijah Cordova
A Look Into Our Latest Hemp Beauty Obsession

A Look Into Our Latest Hemp Beauty Obsession 1

           Seeking a natural way to add health and wellness into your daily routine? With many known benefits, hemp oil extract may be the solution for you. Broad spectrum hemp oil extract is a product gaining more and more interest as of late; therefore, it is important to understand what exactly it is, what it isn’t, and what is the best way to integrate it into your lifestyle.

            Sourced from the hemp plant, cannabidiol oil also known as CBD is a compound called a cannabinoid. Your body actually creates some of its own cannabinoids, and has cannabinoid receptors all over the body. These are your CB1 and CB2 receptors. An important distinction to make is that CBD is not marijuana; it contains no THC, and is non-psychoactive meaning it produces no “high.” How CBD works is by interacting with your CB2 receptors to influence them to use more naturally created cannabinoids in your body. These particular receptors have an effect on pain and inflammation reduction. (Johnson)

            The cannabinoid receptors are found both within the body, as well as in the skin. So while there are many benefits to using ingestible CBD oil products, there are also benefits to topical use. (Echo) Technically your skin’s absorption ability for cannabinoids is lower than if ingested; therefore, a higher dosage is necessary to compensate for that when used topically. External CBD use helps with managing aches and pains from everyday life, and can even help soothe those who have more serious conditions such as arthritis. Many Athletes have found CBD in ointments or in baths helpful in recovering from the over exertion of playing sports. (Medical Marijuana Inc.) It has also been shown to be an effective antioxidant and lends a hand in fighting against free radicals on the skin, in the prevention of signs of aging, and even with acne. (Echo)

            What’s our favorite way to use hemp oil? Of course like everything else here at Salus, it all starts in the bath. Our newly stocked Wholemade™ Hemp Bath Bombs are a relaxing and enjoyable way to experience the benefits of hemp oil. Each handcrafted bath bomb contains 35 mg of Elixinol™ hemp oil extract, is non-GMO, cruelty free, preservative free, gluten free, and made right here in Colorado. The best way to know how beneficial these are for you is to try one out for yourself. Simply run a bath, drop one in, get in and unwind.


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  • Elijah Cordova
The Key to Luscious Locks?

The Key to Luscious Locks? 0

       Is it just me or is there about approximately one trillion different types of shampoo and conditioner on the market? There are so many types for so many different things. You have a shampoo for scalp health, one that’s safe for hair color, one for damage and moisture, one for hair growth, the list goes on and on and on. Why not use one that covers all your needs that is also a healthy, natural alternative. Does it sound too good to be true? Guess again! The Salus Shampoo Bar is your gift from the heavens, and that’s not even being dramatic. That’s just being real!

       The first ingredient in our Shampoo Bar is high oleic sunflower oil that is all natural, kosher, non-GMO, and is Colorado grown, crushed, and refined. Next is our certified organic, sustainably sourced Coconut Oil. If that already isn’t amazing enough, it comes packed with other oils, yucca root, ground oatmeal, and tea tree essential oil. First of all, there are only TEN ingredients in this shampoo, and you can pronounce them all without having a chemistry degree. That’s a major win! Second of all, the ingredients in this bar all work together in perfect harmony to promote a healthy scalp, hair growth, shiny hair, and long lasting hair color.

       In experience of those that have used this product, it is a very different type of shampoo to acclimate to. We recommend that you give it some time to allow your body to adjust to what a unique product it is, and have a little patience to push past a stage of initial excess oil some may experience at first. A lot of times any excess oil can also be fixed with a quick white vinegar rinse (which also has shown to have many benefits on its own)! This bar is a great tool if you are working to slowly wash your hair less for the benefits that provides, and many find they don’t need to follow it with conditioner as their hair is conditioned enough from all the oils incorporated in the product.

       The employees here at Salus are some of the best resources for us to find out what is great and what could use improvement within our product line. Our chief soap maker Rachel Delker shared her experience with our Shampoo Bar and why she swears by it. “I have super thick and wavy hair,” she says, “and it grows on an average if not below average rate.” With using this product for several months, Rachel has found it has tamed her texture be less frizzy, has stopped any further split ends from occurring, and has seemingly helped her hair grow faster. Now while we can’t promise our Shampoo Bar will instantly give you Rapunzel locks, one of the keys to quicker hair growth is definitely having healthy hair. Breakage and split ends are the bane of hair length, so if you are using a product that is beneficial to the hair along with things like minimal heat and minimal chemical processing, gaining inches on your hair seems only natural.

       Another thing Rachel pointed out about our shampoo bar is how wonderfully it works as an alternative makeup brush cleanser. Using it to clean foundation and eyeshadow off the brushes was like a magic trick, and it left the makeup brushes feeling so soft afterwards. Finding all natural makeup brush cleansers can get pricey, but for eight dollars, you have one that you can feel confident in using that will last you a decent amount of time.

       Interested in trying one out for yourself? Pick a Shampoo Bar up at any of our Colorado locations or simply shop it right here on our website!

  • Elijah Cordova
Starting Fresh

Starting Fresh 0

We all make resolutions in the New Year. Typically they are all about self-improvement, things about ourselves we wish to change. Whether you want to start exercising daily, start eating a healthier diet, spend more time with family, or start a creative project you’ve been putting off, they all have one thing in common. You! The first step towards becoming the best version of you is putting yourself in the right mindset to do so.

Step 1: Get focused!

We all have moments when our clarity becomes fuzzy. We have so much we want to do that we don’t even know where to begin to accomplish our goals. Part of being focused is about understanding yourself and your needs; one of the best ways to discover that about yourself is to simply spend time with yourself. Let’s be clear, self-care is not selfish. By doing things you enjoy that give you peace, you are opening yourself up to honest thinking and a clearer mind. Self-care can mean many things to many people. Sometimes it is as simple as getting the sleep that you need, and sometimes it means indulging in things that bring you extra comfort like a bubble bath.

Baths cleanse more than just your body, they are cleansing for your mind as well. It’s an inexpensive way to treat yourself and to create an environment for meditation. Try dropping a bath bomb into your tub to soften your skin, and for aroma therapy. Light some candles, put on some soothing music, make a cup of tea, and make it a full sensory, calming experience.

Step 2: Create your sanctuary!

The outside world can be a very taxing experience. Traffic, a hard work day, and many more things can make your day less than pleasant. It is important that when you come home you can leave all that at the door and relax; your home should be your sanctuary. One of our favorite ways to create a peaceful environment is to utilize essential oils. Dropping some essential oils in a diffuser allows you to customize your environment to be exactly what you need. Try something citrusy for energy, eucalyptus to help with congestion, or lavender for better sleep or to simply relax. You’ll be amazed at what these can do for your mood, and can make your daily tasks seem more pleasant.

Another way to help you piece together your ultimate getaway is to replace standard items with a little luxury. Like replacing your generic hand soaps by your sink with the good stuff, getting rugs that are soft on your feet, or putting up art you love. These are all comforting ways to help make your house a home.

Step 3: Use your new clarity, and go get em!

Taking some of these steps towards giving yourself a clearer head will help you achieve your goals for this new, bright year. Make a list of goals you have, and then create ways to make them tangible, obtainable, and positive. For instance, instead of saying “I want to be a size 0 in 2018,” try saying instead, “I want to be my healthiest self, whatever size that may be. So I will pay attention to eating less processed foods and find an exercise I enjoy doing.” Or instead of writing, “I want to find a way to help my community,” you could resolve to shop at small businesses when possible where your dollars are supporting family owned companies. Breaking down your resolutions into smaller steps is one of the best ways you can create a path for successfully becoming your best you!

  • Elijah Cordova
2017 Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide 0

Looking for that perfect gift for those you love? As always, we have you covered!
  • Elijah Cordova
How to Customize Your SALUS

How to Customize Your SALUS 0

Brewing up magic in the mountains of Colorado, Salus is concocting potions of their own. Toil and trouble is our middle name, and we love coming up with beautiful scent combinations for ourselves and to share with our wonderful guests. Just ask any Salus employee what their favorite scent is and they will have a definite and well thought out opinion. So I did just that! I spent some time in the Downtown Fort Collins location asking the soap makers to dish about their go-to blends.

There are about 99 Salus fragrance and essential oils to choose from. Whether you like earthy scents like frankincense, sweet notes like chocolate, florals, fresh fragrances, or anything in between, Salus has you covered. Plus, so many of the products you can buy have the ability to be custom scented. So now your shampoo, your skin products, and even your bedroom can smell exactly as you always dreamed.

I asked Suds Team member Rachel Delker what her favorite scents were, and she had some great ideas. “Well obviously dirt mixed with herb garden in a fragrance mist for my yoga mat, or just for my diffuser,” she quickly responded, “I also love coconut and vanilla right now, it’s in my lotion. It takes me to a beach!” While Bri, chooses instead to mix the coconut scent with sandalwood bourbon. I love the idea of using the power of scent to transport yourself to a refreshing oasis. Using our fragrance mists as a way to quickly and easily create a Zen space for yoga practice, your morning meditation, or to infuse your skincare with scents that bring you peaceful memories are fantastic ways to use our oils.

Our brightly colored haired and in house fragrance mix master Miriam had very in depth ideas on the topic. Her favorite scent categories are earthy, musky, floral, sweet, and citrus. Trust me when I say her scent concoction are always magical and unexpected, she utilizes her wide scent palate to whip up scents that are completely unique. She combines the tropical floral of gardenia with the zingy scent of pink grapefruit for her scrubs – now that sounds seriously refreshing. When it comes to lotion, Miriam mixes up a potion of oakmoss, lavender, and neroli into our goat milk lotion that is sure to be a beautiful earthy scent. Want some more ideas that would go well in just about anything? Try some of her other favorites, “I like frankincense and myrrh with vanilla bourbon. I also like leather mixed with just a smidge of lime.” Miriam shows just how creative you can get with Salus products to create something that is absolutely perfect for you.

Sometimes you are looking to use essential oils and fragrance oils for the benefits they come with beyond just the wonderful scents. Danielle, our Fort Collins store manager shared she loves mixing up tea tree, spearmint, and peppermint into her shampoo because it feels so refreshing and provides an invigorating sensation for your scalp. From all the lotions we offer, the hemp lotion is her personal favorite, she loves adding lavender and tea tree into her bottle because the two oils together are soothing for the skin.

Our oils are good for more than just pretty scents; some combinations used in diffusers offer benefits to your wellbeing. For example, one of our happy customers mixed up our germ buster essential oil with some orange and cinnamon to use in a diffuser to keep her house healthy during the cold season. There are many online sources that describe what each essential oil does for you and the best combinations of them. What will you try next?

I love that no matter who you asked; everyone had a thousand ideas of scent combinations, every Suds Team member really knows their stuff when it comes to fragrance. Hopefully now you have new ideas to spice up your favorite Salus products, and that you feel inspired to create your own concoctions!

  • Elissa Klaver