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How to Customize Your SALUS

How to Customize Your SALUS

Brewing up magic in the mountains of Colorado, Salus is concocting potions of their own. Toil and trouble is our middle name, and we love coming up with beautiful scent combinations for ourselves and to share with our wonderful guests. Just ask any Salus employee what their favorite scent is and they will have a definite and well thought out opinion. So I did just that! I spent some time in the Downtown Fort Collins location asking the soap makers to dish about their go-to blends.

There are about 99 Salus fragrance and essential oils to choose from. Whether you like earthy scents like frankincense, sweet notes like chocolate, florals, fresh fragrances, or anything in between, Salus has you covered. Plus, so many of the products you can buy have the ability to be custom scented. So now your shampoo, your skin products, and even your bedroom can smell exactly as you always dreamed.

I asked Suds Team member Rachel Delker what her favorite scents were, and she had some great ideas. “Well obviously dirt mixed with herb garden in a fragrance mist for my yoga mat, or just for my diffuser,” she quickly responded, “I also love coconut and vanilla right now, it’s in my lotion. It takes me to a beach!” While Bri, chooses instead to mix the coconut scent with sandalwood bourbon. I love the idea of using the power of scent to transport yourself to a refreshing oasis. Using our fragrance mists as a way to quickly and easily create a Zen space for yoga practice, your morning meditation, or to infuse your skincare with scents that bring you peaceful memories are fantastic ways to use our oils.

Our brightly colored haired and in house fragrance mix master Miriam had very in depth ideas on the topic. Her favorite scent categories are earthy, musky, floral, sweet, and citrus. Trust me when I say her scent concoction are always magical and unexpected, she utilizes her wide scent palate to whip up scents that are completely unique. She combines the tropical floral of gardenia with the zingy scent of pink grapefruit for her scrubs – now that sounds seriously refreshing. When it comes to lotion, Miriam mixes up a potion of oakmoss, lavender, and neroli into our goat milk lotion that is sure to be a beautiful earthy scent. Want some more ideas that would go well in just about anything? Try some of her other favorites, “I like frankincense and myrrh with vanilla bourbon. I also like leather mixed with just a smidge of lime.” Miriam shows just how creative you can get with Salus products to create something that is absolutely perfect for you.

Sometimes you are looking to use essential oils and fragrance oils for the benefits they come with beyond just the wonderful scents. Danielle, our Fort Collins store manager shared she loves mixing up tea tree, spearmint, and peppermint into her shampoo because it feels so refreshing and provides an invigorating sensation for your scalp. From all the lotions we offer, the hemp lotion is her personal favorite, she loves adding lavender and tea tree into her bottle because the two oils together are soothing for the skin.

Our oils are good for more than just pretty scents; some combinations used in diffusers offer benefits to your wellbeing. For example, one of our happy customers mixed up our germ buster essential oil with some orange and cinnamon to use in a diffuser to keep her house healthy during the cold season. There are many online sources that describe what each essential oil does for you and the best combinations of them. What will you try next?

I love that no matter who you asked; everyone had a thousand ideas of scent combinations, every Suds Team member really knows their stuff when it comes to fragrance. Hopefully now you have new ideas to spice up your favorite Salus products, and that you feel inspired to create your own concoctions!

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