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SALUS DIY: The Giving Tree

SALUS DIY: The Giving Tree

Looking for a way to make the holiday season special for someone in your life? Why not create an advent calendar for them to count down to Christmas Day filled with small, handcrafted Salus goodies? Whether young or old, this is a surprise they will absolutely love. We will show you how to make a Salus Giving Tree for yourself with things from around the house and give you some fun ideas on what to fill it with!

You'll need:

  • A large branch
  • Rope
  • Hammer & nails
  • Greenery (we used pine)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bags, boxes, envelopes
  • Twine/ribbon
  • Lots of Salus treats and other trinkets to fill it with (you need enough things for 25 small packages)

Let's Get Started!

We first started by attaching our branch to the wall by hanging it with rope and then nailing it in place. Make sure to keep the weight equally distributed, we wrapped our branch with the rope in a few places to make sure it was secure.

Once you have your branch in place, now comes the fun part...the PRESENTS! We recommend filling it with small, lightweight gifts with an occasional bigger surprise. We tucked away a mix of

These make wonderful surprises that won't break the bank and that come in such a wide array of scents, you can pick out just what they'd love to receive. Some other great ideas to fill up your advent calendar are holiday candy, movie tickets, personal letters, stickers, $5 gift cards, the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity shine and think about the person you're surprising. 

Now that you've got bath bombs in hand, lets get wrapping. We chose to do a monochromatic gift wrapping with Craft Paper, Silver and Gold, but chose whatever you'd like! We used a variety of boxes and bags to create different shapes that would keep our surprises, well...a surprise! Have fun creating this part, the love you put into this will show through.

Take your wrapped advent calendar gifts and attach them to the branch using twine or ribbons. Be sure to knot them well so they don't fall off! We had fun arranging them on the organic branch, letting the natural shape tell us where to hang each gift.

Finally once your 25 advent calendar presents are hung with care, decorate the branch with greenery. Again, put your personal touch on this as the Salus Giving Tree is as much an advent calendar as it is a beautiful holiday decoration. You could add anything like faux berries, poinsettias, ornaments, lights, whatever suits your fancy. 

Stand back and look at your beautiful creation, and get ready for the daily excitement of your loved one when they open each gift with glee! 

If you enjoyed this blog post, let us know in the comments, or on our social medias @salus on instagram and @shopsalus on facebook!

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