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A letter to the soap maker - "MIRACLE SOAP"

A letter to the soap maker - "MIRACLE SOAP"

You know that feeling when you get a pat on the back, a "job well done!", a high five of approval? It's the best feeling, isn't it? We recently got the sweetest review in our inboxes from a kind lady named Annie with the subject line "Your Loofah Soaps are LIFE-CHANGING!", who wanted us to know how much our Loofah Soaps have helped her and just about everyone that she knows. Obviously every skin condition is different, and the remedies individuals find to soothe their dermatology related issues are, well...individual. We asked to share her kind review and her story, so that you can hear why she calls it a "miracle soap." Read below --

"Ms. Klaver,

   I wanted to reach out and tell you just how much I love your loofah soaps, and how they have changed my life! First of all, I love your store, it is my absolute favorite store! I just found it a few years ago, thanks to my cousin, and ever since then, I cannot live without my Salus Soap.

   I suffered from Keratosis Pilaris (aka Chicken Skin) on my upper arms for years. I had even been to the dermatologist - who recommended using a prescription strength dial soap with a loofah, unfortunately it didn’t work. I was pretty sure I was doomed to have this the rest of my life, and it was something I came to accept. Then I discovered your store.

   I started out with one bar of the beach bum scented soap. I loved it so much, that I made a special trip to Fort Collins to get several more. I live in Laramie, Wyoming, which isn’t far from Fort Collins, but, I’m glad that I can order online in the winter months. Now, I started seeing immediate results.  I ended up telling everyone my story... including everyone who works in the Fort Collins store. I talked about this “miracle soap” so much that my boyfriend’s sister decided to try it, along with her niece. It cleared up her nieces arms so quickly and in noticeable quantities— that my boyfriend’s sister gave all of her soaps to her, because her niece is a teenager and everyone knows that’s teenaged years are a struggle. Salus soaps has changed our lives. We no longer have the chicken skin. In fact, we have introduced a few friends to it, and they suffer from different medical conditions, but all have experienced the same result— the loofah soaps clear it up while being gentle and leave you smelling amazing.

   I love your loofah soaps. I visit the Fort Collins store enough that the ladies know who I am, and what I’m there for. Now, I utilize many other products from your store as well, especially the customizable lotions with essential oils, but I’m amazed of the quality of your products, and plan to be a Salus Soap Customer for LIFE!!!! I’ve told my story to the ladies at the store and they have always mentioned that I need to email you. This last time I was there, I purchased 8 soaps and a lotion for my boyfriend’s sister, because I was going to be  driving to Gillette, Wyoming to see them this upcoming weekend. Actually, I’m sitting in their living room, distractingly composing this email. But, anyways the lady at the store slipped your card in the bag, and I decided to finally email you.

   I just love your soaps, and everything Salus has to offer. Thank you for providing such an amazing quality product. I value your care to better the body care and concerns of others.



Our Loofah Soaps are a gentle exfoliation tool that have been able to help Annie and her loved ones with their skin issues. We cannot promise it will work in the same way for everyone; however, for just $7 each, it is worth seeing what benefits are in store for you! 

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