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Why is my Lotion Pink?

Why is my Lotion Pink?

Have you found that you’ve picked out your favorite Salus lotion, custom blended your scent to perfection, and then noticed that your final product has changed color slightly? We have customers ask us about this occasionally, and we thought we’d put an end to your curiosity. When it comes to our products, you will either find high quality fragrance oils or essential oils are used for scent. Using essential oils in our products, we have found certain ones will always slightly tint the product they are used in. This typically happens in our lotions, but can also be found in our bath bombs as well. There is nothing negative about the color change, it is just part of the essential oil’s nature. For example, our vanilla essential oil can tint things a little purple, our pink grapefruit can turn things a little more yellow, and our peppermint essential oil can go slightly pink. So if this happens to you, just take it as a mark that you have real, quality essential oils in your product and have no fear!

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  • Elijah Cordova
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